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Head Curator & Exhibition Designer 

Leventios Pinakothiki, Nicosia

Thalis Nicolaou was assigned by photographer Silvio Augusto Rusmigo to translate the social issue of the legal killing of migratory birds, from a book to an exhibition. The studio was assigned to design an immersive experience with the sole purpose to address that this is not an issue that can pass unnoticed and that the folklore narrative linking such killings to tradition has nothing to do with today's illegal activity which is strongly linked to Cypriot organised crime.

This project included working closely to Silvio Augusto Rusmigo and Omiros Panayides, visiting

crime scenes accompanied by law enforcement,

collaborating with the British Sovereign Area Police Anti-Poaching Unit and conducting frequent meetings with BirdLife Cyprus in order to accurately and impactfully present this multifaceted social issue within the walls of the A.G. Leventis Gallery.

The Exhibition was a composition of installations, objects/evidence, and audiovisual media.

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