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Designing products and experiences that encourage a curious and playful engagement with the world we live in.

Our curiosity always pushes us into the unknown. Meeting new people, engaging with different practices, and changing perspectives broaden our understanding of the world we live in, taking us into unexpected directions where unique things happen.

Thalis Nicolaou Studio provides design services and creative solutions, dedicated to turning clients' visions into tangible products or unforgettable experiences. With a research-driven approach, the studio not only identifies and strengthens their value proposition but also focuses on product positioning and future development. The goal is to create products that stand out in the market and have the potential for sustained growth and success.

Whether clients have a new concept or an established product, Thalis Nicolaou Studio is committed to enhancing its effectiveness, efficiency, and overall positioning in the industry. The studios portfolio reflects its ability to create impactful designs, ranging from innovative technologies to emotionally engaging objects, all crafted to resonate with users.

Each of Thalis Nicolaou's objects holds and displays the distinct story of how it was made, helping create not just an aesthetically pleasing experience, but a design experiment where form and function intersect.

By inviting the user to assemble an object or interact with it to alter its current state, Thalis encourages a questioning of the status quo and offers a glimpse into his designs' making.

Thalis Nicolaou's collections are all conceived, developed, and produced in-house. His creative philosophy is based on the belief that design is the journey from the conception of an idea to its execution and that all design decisions taken within that journey are what shape the end result.

Thalis Nicolaou is a product designer based in Nicosia, Cyprus. After graduating from the University of Brighton in 2017, Thalis honed his design and making skills as a designassistant at Michael Anastassiades studio and as an apprentice at London-based fabricator Timothy Groves.

With his background in sound design which he followed in Barcelona, Thalis Nicolaou's work merges different mediums to create enhanced experiences.

In 2018, Thalis Nicolaou returned to Cyprus, where he started building his identity as a designer, by experimenting, collaborating, creating various solo exhibitions and merging himself into the local and international design scene.

2023 marks the official launch of Thalis Nicolaou Studio.

Thalis Nicolaou Studio is an international design studio based in Nicosia, Cyprus.

The Studio is committed to re-designing the conventional objects and experiences of our daily lives to create meaningful and engaged interactions with the world we live in. Through designing, producing and collaborating, the Studio is always seeking for new challenges. It is within the unexplored and undefined where the magic happens.








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